Reusing Pallets in Your Office Space as Furniture

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Pallet’s are a great resource for Green spaces right now and with Pinterest growing in popularity the ideas for up-cycling pallets are endless. They compliment Turnstone products as well and you can find some Green-friendly up-cycles to accomplish on the cheap which will accentuate your space.

Pallets can be found for free at the side of the road or in the back of a large box store. In Michigan there are a couple different pallet manufacturers who scrap broken and returned pallets by the hundreds, as well, you can pick them up for free and save the manufacturer time and money too. Simply stacking them can create a desk or coffee table and with the majority of the materials being free and found, it’s hard to beat.


Source: via Jodi on Pinterest


Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

A Grand Rapids company, ThinkBox Creative, created a conference room by up-cycling shipping pallets:


Photos by Brain Dokter.Spending the extra time, possibly the extra effort and money as well, is worth the outcome of a Green office. Reusing materials is just one of the ways to accomplish that.

I love the pallet craze right now because the sheer creativity that you can fall into when you decide to up-cycle it’s materials. It can become your Point Of Purchase counter, a wine bar, shoe storage, wall art, desk or coffee table as mentioned above and you can add or take away to your specifications. Wheels turn a pallet into an instant roll-away cart. Maybe a place to store your printer or a utilitarian piece to help unload equipment from a car or truck … and the ideas just keep coming.

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