Say Goodbye to Summer, Hello to Savings

2018-10-03T20:36:56+00:00September 12th, 2018|Product Solutions|

Another Labor Day weekend has come and gone and while you’re busy trying to fit in some of those last-minute summer activities while the weather is still nice, don’t forget to check out the annual Steelcase End of Summer Sale. This is the biggest sale of the year yet, with many popular Turnstone products available for 15% off.

With that kind of discount, now is the perfect time to start thinking of ways to update your office. Is it time to give the office lounge a makeover? Or maybe you could use some new desks or seating. Take a look at some of the Turnstone products included in the sale and find some inspiration.

Bivi desks from Turnstone customized with a Bivi screen, Bivi Holder, Bivi Board Rack, and shelfThe Bivi desk seen here has been customized with several accessories, including the Bivi Trough, Bivi Board Rack, and Bivi Screen.


Whether you need a desk for one person or more, Bivi desks can fit the bill. With their timeless style, simple assembly and modular design, Bivi desks are one of our most popular products and for the first time ever, they’re included in the End of Summer Sale. As you’re planning your space, don’t forget to check out the variety of Bivi desk accessories available. With accessories like monitor mounts, bike hooks, shelves, and more, it’s easy to truly make Bivi your own.

A woman sits on a Turnstone Buoy in a collaborative space as she converses with a coworkerThis collaborative space features a Turnstone Buoy which allows users to remain active as they work.


Need a break from traditional desk chairs? We’ve all heard the stories about how spending too much time sitting can negatively our impact health, and Buoy seating is designed to bring active seating to your office or classroom. Its curved base helps users engage their core muscles and improve posture as they work. Best of all, Buoy is available in a wide range of base and cap color options, making it possible for it to look great in any space.

Don’t forget seating for lounges and other collaborative spaces around the office. Campfire Pouf is perfect for any space with a flexible layout. This lightweight seating option is very easy to pick up and rearrange as needed.The Campfire Slim table not only provides storage, it also features integrated power outlets to make it easy to stay powered up.

The Campfire Slim Table not only provides storage, it also features integrated power outlets to make it easy to stay powered up.


Tables are always a necessity in the workplace and during the sale, you have the chance to save on two of our classic table styles. Bassline Tables have a modern, elegant design that will seamlessly fit in anywhere it’s used. Campfire Slim Tables are extremely versatile and can be used to define spaces, provide work surfaces in lounges, add extra room next to desks and more. Both tables offer endless options for how they can be used.

This year’s sale has ended, but you can still shop Turnstone’s office products on Steelcase Store!