How to Select Furniture for Odd Spaces

2017-10-16T18:14:52+00:00June 2nd, 2015|Workplace Design|

Whether your workspace is at home or in an office, space constraints often mean that we don’t get the luxury of having a four-sided room. And because most office furniture is designed with symmetrical spaces in mind, those of us with oddly-shapes rooms are resigned to using furniture that simply doesn’t work: it’s too big, too small and consequently leaves a lot of valuable empty space that we just can’t figure out how to use. In a room that’s probably smaller than our liking in the first place, the last thing we want is to waste what little space we have.

I understand how challenging it can be to create an office you love with serious limitations. Through my experiences helping redo some office spaces, I’ve learned a few tips for designing odd-shaped offices that are stylish and don’t sacrifice any precious space:

Be flexible

I know the feeling of having your heart set on a particular piece of furniture for months (and sometimes even years), and thinking that you finally have the opportunity to use it—only to have it not work in the space. Even though you can try to force it in a room, you’ll end up with a headache and a feeling of resentment toward your dream piece. Accept that functionality is key in an office, and pick furniture accordingly. It’ll make your job much easier.

Work with, not against, the angles

Instead of getting frustrated by your oddly-formed office, embrace it! View your design as an opportunity to create a unique space that still works for you. It may be a bit more difficult, but try to find separate pieces of furniture (two small desks, a couple armchairs instead of a couch) that you can split along an angled wall versus one large piece, for example. It’s the best way to utilize every square inch!

A little creativity goes a long way

This is a good a time as any to think outside the (weirdly shaped) box. Don’t take any piece of furniture at face value: a seating stool or large ottoman could actually be a great makeshift coffee table. If you truly can’t find something that fits, go custom. A simple built-in desk that stretches along a geometric nook could be the key to form meeting function.

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