Set the Tone: Making the Bassline Collection Work Throughout the Office

2018-11-30T00:41:56+00:00November 26th, 2018|Workplace Design, Product Solutions|

When designing an office, it’s important that everything works together. Different areas around the office serve very different purposes, but they all need to harmonize. The newly expanded Bassline Collection makes it easy to find a common theme and make sure it carries through all zones of your workplace.

Bassline Tables, Benches, and Storage are all built on the same scalable base which allows you to set the tone for your entire space. From lounges and reception areas to conference rooms and collaborative spaces, the Bassline Collection makes sure your entire office has a cohesive look.

A Bassline Box Top End Table is a perfect fit between two Campfire Lounges.A Bassline Box Top End Table fits between two Campfire Lounges, adding storage space in addition to a work surface.

Bassline tables seamlessly pair with two of our most popular seating options, Bivi Rumble Seats and Campfire Lounges, making them a natural fit for lounges and collaborative zones. Bassline Occasional Tables make an excellent centerpiece for these types of spaces where people a need surface for devices or drinks.

But Bassline tables aren’t just highly functional, they’re highly expressive. Bassline Asymmetrical Tables add visual interest and look great when used alone or when paired with other tables. Whether you choose a table with a quirky shape or something more traditional, a variety of material and finish options make it easy to create a table that works for you and your space.

Bassline tables are extremely versatile, and they can support work in large spaces, small spaces, and every space in between. Bassline Box Top End Tables are perfect for larger lounges and collaborative areas, but they’re also a great fit for transitional spaces in hallways and outside meeting rooms, where people can spend a few minutes getting organized before a meeting or to have a quick chat with a coworker.

A Bassline Bench can be used as seating, an ottoman, or as a table in a quiet work zone.A Bassline Bench is paired with a Jenny Round Low Chair and Campfire Pouf in a quiet work zone. Pictured with a Clipper Screen to add privacy and definition to the space.

Work moves and Bassline products are designed to follow your lead. Whether you’re collaborating with a larger group or need to spend some time focusing in a quiet zone, Bassline products keep up. In this example of a quiet zone, the Bassline Bench can serve multiple purposes. If a person working by herself needs to put her feet up or needs an extra surface to work with, the Bassline Bench can easily be used as an ottoman or table. But it can also work as comfortable seating for a short one-on-one discussion.

A woman looks for an item placed on a Bassline Storage Shelf.Bassline Storage offers a modern, stylish storage solution and can be used to add definition to zones in open plan offices.

No matter where you are in the office, storage is essential. Nobody ever wants their workplace to be cluttered and as open plan offices have grown in popularity, organization can be a challenge. Whether you need storage for a conference room, your main work area, or a lounge, Bassline Storage makes a statement. With multiple ways to make it your own, Bassline Storage brings style to shelving.

Ready to bring the Bassline products to your office? Browse the full Bassline Collection and see how you can make it work for your needs.