Spring Cleaning For Your Office

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If you’re like me… you probably spend a good chunk of the day in your office. And if you’re like me… you hate working in a messy, dusty, dirty space!

OK, so even if you don’t mind a little mess, dust, and dirt, a good spring cleaning might just bring new life to your office space and facilitate even more productivity on your part! Here are a few quick tips to clean up your office space.

1. Surfaces:

Use a microfiber cloth and a bucket of warm water to wipe down all the hard surfaces in your office area. I start with the walls (you might be surprised how dirty they are!), then move to the bookshelves, cabinets, desk, chair, tables, etc. I might also use a lemon scented cleaner to give the area a fresh, clean scent.

This is also an excellent time to de-clutter any horizontal surfaces like your desk, shelves, and table. When you remove everything and wipe down the surfaces, only put back what absolutely NEEDS to sit out.

2. Electronics:

My electronics get lots and LOTS of use each day… and yes, they get really dirty! I frequently take a few minutes to dust off all my electronics; but a couple times a year, I’ll spend a little extra time doing some deep cleaning.

Use compressed air to “spray” the dust and crumbs out of your computer keyboard then wipe down the keys, mouse, and any other surfaces (besides the screens) with a damp cloth. I like using cotton swabs to get in the cracks and crevices  and sometimes I spray a little vinegar on my rags to act as a disinfectant.

I do the same with my printer, fax machine, TV, office phone, iPad, cell phone, etc. Every surface should be dusted and/or wiped down.

I clean my LCD screens with special LCD cleaning solution that either comes as pre-moistened wipes or as a spray.

3. Floors:

Remove everything that you can from the floor (including all those cords) and shake or wash any rugs. Give your office area a good sweep/vacuum — making sure you get behind any furniture units, under the desk, and in the corners where dust likes to hide.

If you work in a home office like I do, this is also a great time to dust the baseboards and vacuum out the heat registers.

4. Drawers and Cabinets:

Now that the visible areas of your office look great, it’s time to dig into the drawers and cabinets!

Start with one drawer or cabinet at a time and go through every file, every bin, every basket, etc. Toss, recycle, or shred anything you don’t need, use, or want (old documents, pens that don’t write, empty containers, etc.) and then organize the rest.

5. Extras:

Once your office space is neat and clean, take a few minutes to give it these extra finishing touches.

  • Empty the trash and recycling containers and wipe them out with a damp cloth
  • Restock any office supplies you are running low on
  • Change up your decorations (or add a few if you don’t have any)
  • Bring in a small fern, plant, or terrarium to “green up” your work space
  • Hang a peg board or magnetic board to post photos and other personal memorabilia
  • Use a scented wall plug-in to add a “homey touch”
  • Set up a small coffee maker or water pitcher
  • Bring in artwork from your kids or grandkids

I find that I’m much more productive if my work space is clean, organized, and inviting — and who doesn’t want to be more productive.

Now that spring is finally here, give your office a good spring cleaning… I bet you’ll enjoy all the time you spend in your office a lot more!


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