5 Reasons You Should Stand at Your Next Meeting

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In case you’ve been working in a mine for the last few years and haven’t heard this yourself, research is showing that being too sedentary during the work day can be harmful to your health. (Though if you have been working in a mine, you’ve probably not had any issues logging enough movement on your Fitbit from 9 to 5!)

I recently took the plunge and decided to start standing more at work after I routinely found myself feeling “hunchy” at the end of the day. Nearly a year after integrating standing into my day I’ve found that one of the best times to stand was an unlikely one: meetings.

5 Reasons You Should Stand at Your Next Meeting

Stand-up Meetings are Shorter

Because of the simple fact that standing up is often more tiring than sitting down, standing up during a meeting can help keep meetings concise and to-the-point. While there are meetings where sitting is necessary, most are flexible enough to accommodate the option to stand.

Stand-up Meetings are Healthier

Increasing your movement during your workday is a good idea, and changing your meeting to a stand-up style can be an easy way to do that. In many workplaces it will be difficult to acquire adjustable-height desks for all staff, so including a few areas where stand-up meetings can take place may be a healthier option for the budget.

Stand-up Meetings are More Efficient

Stand-up meetings often take the form of discussing something laser-focused, like updating on the previous day’s work. As such, they can go much quicker when everyone knows what to expect and can come prepared. Be sure to send an agenda and any pre-reads ahead of time so that you can right to work when the meeting starts.

Stand-up Meetings are More Comfortable

In my office, my coworkers often gather around a stand-up desk in order to discuss a coding problem, watch a video, or to work together on sending an email. This is a comfortable way for us all to be on a equal level, and it doesn’t require that we all have chairs at the ready. And as mentioned above, because standing is more limiting than sitting, we don’t overstay.

Stand-up Meetings are Natural

One of the things that has drawn my attention to standing for meetings is how natural it seems. We routinely meet people we know and catch up while standing up for 5-10 minutes and go on our way. Standing at meetings brings to mind feelings of standing around a bar or other similar social setting where discussion commonly occurs.