Start the School Year Right With the End of Summer Sale

2018-10-03T20:37:09+00:00September 14th, 2018|Product Solutions|

Bells are ringing — school bells, that is! Now that Labor Day weekend is over, kids all over the country are picking up their backpacks and heading back to school. Even if school is back in session, it’s not too late to upgrade classrooms for the new year.

This year, the Steelcase End of Summer Sale is the biggest sale yet, giving you a chance to save 15% on a selection of Turnstone’s most popular products that will make a welcome addition to any classroom.

Buoy seating gives students the chance to stay physically active as they learnStudents learn and work together while using Buoy seating, allowing them to stay physically active as they sit.


Nobody is comfortable sitting in the same position all day, every day, especially students. Being able to move around and change postures throughout the day not only helps promote wellness, it helps students stay more engaged and focused. Buoy seating encourages activity while learning by engaging muscles to maintain balance, and Campfire Pouf and Shortcut Wood are both ideal for allowing students to easily break into groups and work together.

A Bivi desk customized to support a team.
The versatile nature of Bivi desks make them ideal for both solo and group work, with lots of options for further customization.


No classroom is complete without desks and for the first time, our popular Bivi desks are included in the annual end of summer sale. These desks are highly customizable and can make an excellent addition to any classroom. Whether you need a single desk or something larger, Bivi can easily fit your needs. Not only can you customize the size of a Bivi desk, our Bivi accessories can help you create a technology-driven learning center.

Cipper screens are used to create a designated collaborative area within a larger spaceClipper Screens can be used to define spaces in classrooms and libraries which can be used for things like group work or quiet individual work. This space features Campfire Pouf seating and Shortcut Wood chairs.


If you’d like to be able to divide a classroom or library into different zones for different activities, Clipper screens are a perfect option. With their lightweight design, Clipper screens can easily be set up within minutes without the need for any special tools. Best of all, they’re very easy to move around if you need to change the layout of a classroom later on.

This year’s sale is over, but you can still shop our line of Turnstone products for the classroom when you head over to Steelcase Store.