Storage Tips for a Clutter-Free Conference Room

2019-02-13T14:22:45+00:00February 13th, 2019|Workplace Design|

Setting the stage for effective meetings takes a lot of planning. As you design a conference room, you need to find the right furniture, provide access to technology, and make sure you have enough room to comfortably accommodate everyone. But one thing that shouldn’t go overlooked is storage.

Whether a conference room is intended for meetings with clients or just for internal meetings, it’s important to make sure the space stays organized. Things like whiteboard markers and cables for electronics can be essential for meetings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to look at them. Aside from the negative impact clutter has on the overall appearance of the space, clutter is bad for productivity. Nobody ever wants a meeting to come to a halt because spare markers were being kept elsewhere.

Here are a few storage ideas to help keep your conference room in order.

A shelving unit from the Bassline Storage collection customized with two different panel styles to help keep items hidden from view.This Bassline Storage shelving unit features two different options for panel customization, creating a unique look.

One of the best ways to prevent clutter from becoming a problem is by simply keeping it out of sight. Storage solutions that include doors or sliding panels are perfect for conference rooms since they make it easy to keep all your meeting essentials within reach without putting them on display. Bassline Storage can be customized with a wide range of door styles, giving you lots of different ways to store items in a way that perfectly compliments the overall design of your space.

A freestanding Bivi Trunk in front of a gray wall is used to offer food and drinks while providing storage for other items in an office.Bivi Trunks can be very versatile in a conference room, providing room for storage and an extra surface to work with as needed.

Doors and panels aren’t the only ways to keep items out of sight. Another idea to consider is shelving with storage options that are a little more hidden. Bivi Trunks are designed to pair with Bivi Desks, but they can also be used as standalone storage in spaces like conference rooms. In addition to having open shelves on the front, Bivi Trunks have open cubbies on each end with plenty more room for storage.

Campfire Mobile Cabinets used underneath a standing-height Campfire table creates extra storage for office supplies while keeping them out of sight.Whether you use one cabinet or several, Campfire Mobile Cabinets are a great way to turn the space underneath a table into valuable storage.

Since tables are always an essential item for conference rooms, why not look for storage that’s designed to work with them? Standing-height Campfire Tables are a popular choice for conference rooms and Campfire Mobile Cabinets fit perfectly right underneath them. Campfire Mobile Cabinets can also be used as freestanding storage that can easily be moved around as needed.

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