The Evolution of Office Storage

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The image of the ideal modern workplace has changed a lot over the decades. As workforce demographics shifted and overall design aesthetics evolved, so has workplace design. Another dominant driving force behind these changes has been advances in technology. Computer technology has not only changed the ways people work, but also the ways people interact with their workspace. Even things around the office that seem completely analog by nature, such as office storage, have been impacted by shifts in technology.

A Bassline Box Top Table is placed next to a Campfire Lounge System to provide extra storage space in an office lounge.A Bassline Box Top Table perfectly pairs with a Campfire Lounge System to provide convenient storage in office lounges.

Going Paperless

While it’s now very common to see companies going paperless, for a long time, it was just a given that companies would need ways to store files and other papers. But, thanks to cloud storage technology, many companies have been able to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the need for physical file storage. In today’s modern workplaces, you’re more likely to see desk storage accessories that allow people to keep their personal items in order than rows of filing cabinets. Pieces of furniture that multitask to create storage, such as Bassline Box Top Tables, have also grown in popularity.

A shelving unit from Bassline Storage is used to create space definition for a lounge in an open plan office. Pictured with Clipper screens, Campfire Lounge Seating, a Bassline Occasional Table, Campfire Pouf, Scoop Stool, and Campfire Slim Table.A shelving unit from the Bassline Storage collection is used to create space definition for this lounge in an open plan office, separating it from other areas of the office. This lounge also features Clipper Screens, Campfire Lounge Seating, a Bassline Occasional Table, a Campfire Pouf, a Scoop Stool, and a Campfire Standing Slim Table.

The Challenges of Open Office Storage

The rise of mobile technology has given people the freedom to work from anywhere. When a person has a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone, they’re no longer limited to working at their desk like they would be if they were using a desktop computer. Many companies have started looking for ways to embrace that flexibility, leading to the popularity of open plan offices.

Although digital technology has helped reduce the need for many types of storage, some degree of office storage is still necessary for open offices. However, since shelving units are often placed along walls, what are your options when your office has few walls?

When designing an open plan office, it’s important to consider how items can serve a dual purpose. For example, shelving units can provide space definition and increase visual privacy, as well as storage. In the past, office design tended to focus more on utility rather than style and older styles of office storage, like filing cabinets, weren’t intended to be a significant focal point of a room. With Bassline Storage, office storage moves into the future. Bassline Storage was created with open plan offices in mind, featuring an elegant design that begs to be seen, not tucked away in a corner. While older styles of office storage may have been very impersonal in design, Bassline Storage brings personality to storage. With a wide range of options for colors, panel configurations, doors, and cutouts, it’s easy to create shelving that reflects your company’s unique style and looks great from all angles.

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