Whiteboards for Any Office Environment

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Whiteboards are great for collaborating, promoting creativity, and brainstorming with your team. They are easy to incorporate into your office. From large scale walls to small boards, it is possible for any size space to utilize whiteboards for a wide range of purposes.

How do you put whiteboards in your space? An easy product to use for whiteboard space ANYWHERE, is IdeaPaint. It turns virtually any wall surface in your office into a dry erase canvas. Paint a little, or paint a lot.


Image via ideapaint.com

IdeaPaint teamed up with MassChallenge and created the world’s biggest continuous whiteboard space. MassChallenge is an incubator and startup space on the waterfront of Boston. See the video here.

You don’t have to use MassChallenge as a model for whiteboard walls. If your budget is modest, you can find affordable options for whiteboards online and in stores. Choose your preferred size from Staples or OfficeMax. Take a look at School Outfitters for some educator worthy whiteboards.

Check out Steelcase Huddleboard to always have a dry-erase surface at your fingertips, and to save your notes for later.


For a high-tech solution with interactive features, the eno interactive board by PolyVision mounts over an existing whiteboard, steel, or chalkboard surface.


Why should you use whiteboards? They are helpful to use for team brainstorming, and to see all of your notes at once. If your office is eco-friendly, this is another way to reinforce your company values.

Use the paper table with a glass surface as an alternative to whiteboards. It works with dry erase markers. It is especially useful during casual meetings to jot down notes and ideas. If you don’t want to commit to a full-on wall whiteboard, it is a nice alternative for smaller offices and intimate gatherings.


Where can you use whiteboard space? Anywhere! Use them in private rooms and meeting areas for team collaboration. Integrate them into your workspace and/or desk for personal note-taking.