Why Different Settings in the Office Fuel Ideas

2018-10-02T22:53:27+00:00October 2nd, 2018|Workplace Design|

Does it ever feel like some of your best ideas come to you when you’re away from your desk? Maybe you get ideas while you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood, on your lunch break, in line at the coffee shop, or having a casual conversation with a coworker in the hallway.

If so, you’re not alone.

A change of scenery can do wonderful things for creativity, and you don’t necessarily have to leave the building to experience a change in environment. Including a variety of settings around the office makes it possible to feel like you’re getting away without going away.

A woman works on a mobile device while sitting on a Campfire Big Lounge sofa in an informal office lounge.
The inviting, residential-style atmosphere of this lounge makes people feel right at home in the workplace with Campfire Big Lounge, Campfire Half Lounge, and Shortcut X Base seating. Shown with a Campfire Personal Table, Bivi Depot shelving, and a Campfire Big Lamp.

Lounge Settings Put Employees at Ease

When planning an office, don’t underestimate the value of informal spaces. The ability to step away from your usual workstation and spend some time in a relaxed lounge or collaborative space with comfortable seating can be a very effective way to get creative energy moving. The laid back atmosphere of these spaces invite people to sit back, put their feet up, and relax, but they can also make it easier to get to work. Spaces that put people at ease can move people through mental blocks.

A collaborative office space featuring a Campfire Half Lounge seating, Shortcut X Base chairs, a Campfire Ottoman, Buoy seating, and a Campfire Paper Table.
The range of seating styles in this space gives people lots of options to change their posture after spending time at their desk, with Campfire Half Lounges, Shortcut X Base chairs, a Campfire Ottoman, and a Buoy to choose from. This space also features a Campfire Paper Table and Bivi Trunk.

Movement is Good for the Brain

People simply aren’t meant to spend hours at a time sitting in the exact same spot. It’s very healthy to take a break every once in a while to stretch, walk around, and change your posture. One study in Australia recommends you stand for eight minutes and move around for two minutes every half hour.

Not only does it benefit your physical health and boost creativity, it also encourages socialization. Different settings in the office create destinations for people who need a change of scenery, and those settings can make it easier for conversations to naturally occur throughout the day. Even a casual conversation can spark exciting new ideas.

A woman focuses on a task while sitting in a solo work area with Turnstone Clipper Screens used to block distractions.
Clipper Screens are used here to create privacy for solo workstations where people are able to fully focus on tasks without distraction. Pictured with a Campfire Footrest, Jenny Club Low seating, and a Campfire Skate Table.

Encourage Focus

For tasks that require a lot of focus, sometimes people need to be able to block out activity from around the office. One of the biggest complaints about the open office plan is the lack of privacy can make it more difficult to concentrate. But when designated spaces for focused solo work are available, you can enjoy all the benefits of open offices while giving people the power to filter out distractions when needed.

Remember, there is no one perfect work environment. By planning to include a variety of settings around the workplace, you can fulfill the balance people need to stay inspired and produce their best work.

Need help planning different settings around your office? Schedule a call with our design team, and we’ll work with you to create a space you’ll love.