3 Reasons Startup Culture Matters in the Workplace

2016-12-01T19:13:41+00:00July 19th, 2016|Startup Culture|

As companies clamor in innovate, hire the most talented candidates and gain market share, there are many factors to consider that may move the needle on business results. Some experts advocate imposing challenges such as working under finite limitations or asking impossible questions, while others say things as simple as having an innovation “buddy” or holding standup meetings to boost energy can make a difference.

Start with culture.

At turnstone, we believe companies with a vibrant startup culture possess one of the most powerful weapons out there for attracting and retaining. That’s why we’ve spent two years studying the entrepreneurial ecosystem in places like Boston, New York City and San Francisco. Our work revealed four universal components in the startup community, and while there are no silver bullets to overnight success, there are solid reasons why startup culture is important to your company.

Millennials want authenticity. 

Insights from turnstone research show that authenticity is foundational to startup culture. And while founders demonstrate it in the way they do business and the way they interact with their team in the office, Millennials take it up a notch, heralding authenticity as their North Star. They won’t play the games their parents played to fit in at work or give lip service to things they don’t value; they expect their workplace to truly embrace who they are with no strings attached. And now, with Millennials officially comprising the largest segment of today’s workforce, employers looking to influence, attract or retain talent from this pool had better listen up and take intentional steps to create an authentic brand and work environment.

Authenticity breeds engagement.

The 360 Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace” reveals new insights around the connection between the physical workplace and employee engagement. One form of authenticity, namely, enjoying the freedom to move throughout the day and work in ways that feel natural, is an important way to keep people invested in their work. In fact, 88% of the most highly engaged employees surveyed say they enjoy this kind of choice and control over their experiences at work. Want to promote authenticity and boost engagement in your office? Start by incorporating a variety of spaces with a wide range of privacy options to send the message that authenticity is valued, and then unleash your team to select what works best for them.

Passion matters.

According to this same report, 97% of highly engaged and highly satisfied workers feel a connection with their colleagues, are happy to go to work, feel proud to work for their company and feel motivated by what they do. Similarly, 95% value their company culture. In short: passion matters. Turnstone’s research identified passion as one of the four pillars of startup culture, suggesting it’s foundational to the kind of drive and energy that fuel success. When looking for new hires, remember that while new skills can be learned and cultural norms established, you can’t teach passion. So look for people who love what you’re doing and believe in where your company’s going. You’ll never go wrong with passionate people representing your brand.

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