Workplace Design Trends We’re Loving

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There’s no “one size fits all” solution to office design, and that’s what we love about these design trends. Creating a workspace that’s unique to your organization yet easy to achieve isn’t a challenge anymore. See a few of our favorite workplace design trends and how you can achieve a truly personal look with Turnstone furniture.

A Campfire Lounge System from is configured to work along the curve of a wall. The room features other Turnstone products, including a Campfire Ottoman, Campfire Pouf, Campfire Paper Table, Bassline Box Top Table, and Shortcut X Base Seating. A Campfire Lounge System is configured to run along the curves of a wall. Pictured with many other Turnstone products, including Shortcut X Base Chairs, Simple Standing Table, Bassline Box Top Table, Campfire Personal Table, Campfire Ottoman, and Campfire Pouf.

Exciting Seating

We love offices and campuses that are creating exciting seating arrangements. These unique applications are both inviting and beautiful, creating comfortable spaces for employees and students to connect.

The brand new Campfire Lounge System literally puts a new twist on Campfire Lounge Seating. With new corner sections, the Campfire Lounge System gives you new options to configure your seating. Whether you need seating that works in a corner or in a U-shaped arrangement, you now have more design options with the comfort you love of Campfire Lounge. The possibilities are endless.

A Campfire Lounge System in a triangular configuration creates a comfortable island in the middle of an open office.A Campfire Lounge System arranged in a triangular shape creates a comfortable island for solo work and casual conversations. The area also features a Campfire Big Lamp, a Campfire Ottoman, Campfire Pouf Seating, Bassline Storage, and a Campfire Standing Slim Table.


Wouldn’t it be nice to retreat to a nice, comfortable island when you need a break during the workday? Although you can’t travel to a tropical island every time you need to relax, you can use seating to create a destination island within the office. Islands are a great way to put a new spin on the office lounge. The Campfire Lounge System makes circular and triangular arrangements possible with new corner lounge pieces, perfect for creating island lounges.

Two Bassline Asymmetrical Tables are arranged to create a striking focal point in an office lounge.Whether used alone or paired with other tables, Bassline Asymmetric Tables bring a striking touch to any room.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are shaping up to be one of 2019’s most popular workplace design trends. Area rugs and wall hangings featuring geometric shapes and patterns are great ways to bring this trend to your office, but don’t forget about furniture. Not only can Campfire Lounge Systems be arranged in unusual shapes, they pair perfectly with Bassline Asymmetrical Tables to create complete settings. Bassline Asymmetrical Tables are available in different sizes so they can work whether you need an end table or something larger to go in the center of a space.

A woman plans out a space while working on top of a Bassline Shelf paired with a Campfire Slim Table.Bassline Storage pairs well with a Campfire Slim Table to create a larger work surface. Pictured with Clipper Screens, Campfire Lounge Seating, and a Bassline Box Top Table.


When you’re going through the effort of planning a space, you want to be able to make it your own. It’s important for an office to reflect company culture and branding, but finding things that are as unique as you are isn’t always easy. To make it easier for you to find pieces of furniture that you truly love, many products in our most popular collections, such as the Bassline Collection and Campfire Collection, are available in a very wide range of color, upholstery, material, and finish options. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild!

Are you planning for a new office in the new year? Be sure to check out the full selection of Turnstone Products to get some more ideas for your new space. If you need more help planning your office, our design team is here to help. Once you schedule a call with our design team, they’ll get to work creating a plan that perfectly meets your needs.