Your Guide to Creating a Zen Office Space to Improve Focus

2018-09-27T20:47:32+00:00September 27th, 2018|Workplace Design, Wellbeing, Productivity|

Even though digital technology has reduced the amount of paper we use in the office, clutter is still a problem. Between personal items, notes, files, tech gadgets, books, and pens, it’s very easy for desks to get messy. But clutter is more than just unpleasant to look at; it can increase stress levels and reduce productivity. It makes it harder to find things when they’re needed, harder to focus on tasks, and harder to relax.

Clearing the clutter off your desk is a great feeling. Suddenly, your workstation feels more peaceful and tasks are more achievable. You feel more in control.

We all have tools we need to do our jobs effectively. It’s just important that they’re organized in a way that will help you work, not make things more difficult. Take back control of your workstation with this guide to office storage and shelving that complements your space.

A Bivi Depot shelf is placed next to Bivi desks in an open office.
A three-high Bivi Depot shelf is added to a Bivi Dual Height desk. The shelves offer extra storage to reduce clutter.

Bivi Depot Shelving is a great office storage solution, whether you pair it with a Bivi desk or use it as a standalone shelving unit. Its timeless design makes it an excellent addition to any space. While these shelves are lightweight, they’re sturdy enough to support up to 200 pounds, giving you lots of room to store all of the important things you need near your desk.

A Bivi Trunk is attached to a Bivi Desk, creating extra storage and increasing the available worksuface.
A Bivi Trunk shown attached to a Bivi Desk, giving people a way to store the items they need within reach.

Bivi Trunks are another storage option that can be used with Bivi desks or on their own.  Not only do they have a shelf on one side, their open ends create additional storage. When attached to a Bivi desk, Trunks add nearly six more square feet of surface area to the desk, creating a perfect space to set potted plants that will help make a workstation even more calming.

Two Campfire Mobile Carts are placed beneath a Campfire Big Table in an open office environment.
Two Campfire Mobile Cabinets are placed underneath a Campfire Big Table, keeping clutter out of sight.

To keep things completely out of sight, cabinets are a perfect solution. Our Campfire Mobile Cabinet fits under standing-height Campfire Big Tables, but they can also be used on their own. Campfire Mobile Cabinets come with casters, making them very easy to move around as needed. For extra storage space, it’s also available in a wardrobe height, perfect for hanging up coats, bags, and other personal items.

Looking for more ways to get organized? Browse our full selection of office storage products for more options. If you need more help bringing zen into the office, schedule a call to get help from our design experts.