Your Guide to Designing a Creative Brainstorming Space in the Office

2018-09-05T23:41:48+00:00September 10th, 2018|Workplace Design, Productivity|

You have a lot of great minds on your team and when they work together, they’re capable of great things. But to make the most of all that creative potential, they need the right spaces for inspiration and support.

A change of scenery can be a great way to get creative energy moving. A designated brainstorming space in the office gives people a chance to take a break from their desks without having to go far. Everything they need to work together will be at their fingertips. Ready to start planning a brainstorming space for your office? Here are a few tips to help you create a space where great ideas happen.

Two people collaborate in a space defined by a Campfire screen with Buoy seating and a Campfire Paper table in the foreground

Campfire Screens can be used to provide space definition and add privacy to a collaborative area in an office with an open floor plan. Pictured with Buoy active seating, a Campfire Paper Table, and a Campfire Big Lounge.

Create a Distraction-Free Zone

When you’re trying to concentrate on an idea, nothing is more frustrating than losing your train of thought because something broke your focus. As you plan a brainstorming space, don’t forget be sure to create privacy. Private enclaves are great for brainstorming, but they’re not always an option in all spaces. Portable screens like Campfire Screens or Clipper Screens are perfect for defining areas and blocking distractions within open layouts.

A corner office lounge, featuring a Campfire Paper Table and Buoy seat, being lit by a Campfire Big Lamp.

Campfire Big Lamps can be used to create comfortable lighting levels in spaces without natural light or to supplement lighting in areas with windows. This lounge features a Buoy seat and a Campfire Paper Table.

A Bright Idea

Lighting can have a significant impact on productivity. Harsh fluorescent lighting can have a draining effect and should be avoided in areas where people will be collaborating. Instead, use soft, warm light to create a welcoming atmosphere that will help put people at ease. Our Campfire Big Lamp is perfect for collaborative spaces, giving off a nicely diffused light to create a comfortable atmosphere that’s conducive to creativity.

Two people sitting on Campfire Pouf seats while working together at a Campfire Paper table with a Clipper screen in behind them.

Lightweight Campfire Pouf seating is ideal for casual brainstorming sessions, offering an easy and comfortable way to collaborate at a moment’s notice. Shown with Clipper Screens in the background.

Take a Seat

Being uncomfortable has never made anyone more productive. When choosing seating for a brainstorming area, look for seating that reminds you more of home than the office. Sofas like the Campfire Big Lounge and informal seating options like a Campfire Pouf or Campfire Ottoman, are great for putting people at ease.

Two people draw and write down notes on the top of a Campfire Paper table.

With a Campfire Paper Table, people always have a way to share ideas and work on new ideas while they collaborate with others.

Take a Note

Brainstorming spaces should always make it easy for people to organize or present their ideas, like whiteboards, cork boards, chalkboards, or interactive whiteboards. If you aren’t able to install a wall-mounted whiteboard, look for more creative ways to add them in. The Campfire Paper Table, for example, has paper and glass tabletop options which can be written on.

Need help creating a space that will encourage collaboration and brainstorming? Contact our office design team today!