Motion of the ocean

Designed for today’s movers and shakers, Buoy is a seat that’s as active as you are.
Inspired by the rocking of ocean buoys, its contoured base helps you tilt and swivel, engaging your core and keeping you moving throughout the day.

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We’ve seen the research

Excessive sitting doesn’t do anything to boost your wellbeing. Luckily, experts say combatting negative sedentary effects can be as simple as incorporating movement and making frequent posture changes. That’s where Buoy comes in. Core muscles fire up as you lean in and swivel, while legs work to keep you balanced, upright and focused on the task at hand. Perfect for quick tasks, Buoy will revolutionize the way you sit.

Anytime, anywhere

The day doesn’t stop at five o’clock, and neither does Buoy. Designed to be a part of people’s active lifestyle, Buoy is as comfortable at home as it is in the classroom and the office.

Well adjusted

Size doesn’t matter—Buoy was designed for everyone. Designed with five and a half inches of height adjustability, Buoy offers easy adjustment with the lift of a lever.

Mobile design

With a built-in handle and weighing only 20 lbs, Buoy is designed to go wherever you go. Got a touchdown meeting to attend? Need to focus on that project? At work, at home or anywhere in between, Buoy gets around.

Hundreds of caps

Put your personality on display with a cap that reflects who you are. Choose the color or pattern you love for a custom look that will keep you rocking in the office.

Six base colors

Whether you want something bright or basic, Buoy has options to spare. Choose from six base colors to complement your cap selection, and we’ll have it delivered right to your door.

Ready to shop?

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