On-demand privacy for teams and individuals

A cultural shift

The shift to creative work and the presence of three generations of workers have radically changed today’s office landscape, impacting how we work alone and how
we interact with others. Advancing technology and the ability to work anywhere means mobile workers can move freely, seeking out places that provide comfort, boast rich materiality and support authentic ways of working.

For many, the best authentic spaces offer a respite from the distractions of the open office while maintaining proximity to the larger team. This balance of collaboration and privacy makes it easy for people to step away, recharge and remain productive throughout the day.

That’s why we created Clipper.

A portable, user-deployable screen, designed to provide on-demand privacy for teams or individuals.

These freestanding privacy screens feature folding wings that adjust to deliver visual privacy, space definition and focus in the midst of distracting environments.

Clipper helps individuals and teams seamlessly transition between solo and group work while balancing visual privacy with physical accessibility and proximity.

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View of blue privacy screen, standing opened with folding wings


Workers don’t want to wait for choice and control.


People need a place to concentrate with fewer distractions.

Teams and Individuals

Creativity is fluid and demands place for solo and group work.

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Designed with collapsible wings and a magnetic closing system, Clipper opens in seconds and folds flat for easy storage.

Illustration of how a user can open and collapse portable privacy screen

Endless possibilities

Line them up for multiple havens, arrange several together for small group workspaces or place individually for added privacy.

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