Coffee table with wooden top in front of brown leather sofa


Bassline tables make it easy to personalize your space without sacrificing style or performance. Choose from a collection of standard options or provide your own custom top for a truly one-of-a-kind table.

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With sleek lines, great accessories and built-in modularity, Bivi grows with you, making it easy to add tables or rearrange your space in minutes.

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Designed to help you “get away” without “going away,” Campfire encourages collaboration by bringing comfortable lounge settings into the workplace.

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With dozens of fabrics and a variety of styles and configuration options, Jenny’s warm, classic design helps your workplace feel like home.

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Simple tables

Sometimes all you need is … a simple table. Perfect for cafes, group areas, classrooms and more, Simple Tables support a range of uses and postures.

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Created for quick sits and easy mobility, Shortcut’s elbow rests let you pull close to your work surface, while gorgeous fabric options add a pop of color.

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Height-adjustable and designed to promote movement in the workplace, Buoy’s curved base engages your core as you tilt, wobble and spin.

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When it comes to a solid chair that delivers comfort and value, Jack’s got your back.

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