Project Description

Bivi Dual Height

Designed with teams in mind, the Bivi Dual Height application offers seated and standing postures in one system. Bivi’s intuitive design and new take on choice and control uniquely support the dynamic nature of creative work.

Upper and Lower Dual Tops
  • 1/2″ thick laminate
  • 3mm plastic edge band on front and 1mm on back and sides
Upper Dual Top
  • Attaches to Tall or Short Arch
  • Designed for standing height only, use with Bivi High Sit
  • Measures 41 ó” from floor
  • Grommet included for cord management
  • Available as right- or left-hand versions
Lower Dual Top
  • Attaches to a Bivi Leg
  • Designed for seated height only
  • Measures 28 ó” from floor
  • Available as right- or left-hand versions
Dual Top Set
  • Surface materials selected apply to both Upper and Lower Dual Tops*
  • Selected width applies to both Upper and Lower Dual Tops
  • Requires the use of High Sit Bracket with Modesty Panel
Upper Dual Top

Depth: 5″ – 20 5/8″
Width: 60″ or 72″
Height: 2 3/4″

Lower Dual Top

Depth: 20 5/8″ – 28 1/2″
Width: 60″ or 72″
Height: 2 3/4″

Table Tops

Available in all Steelcase High Pressure Laminates (HPL), Low Pressure Laminates (LPL), Veneers and Open Line Laminate (OLL).

Mounting Bracket

Available in all Steelcase Standard Paints, Accent Paints and PerfectMatch.

Contrasting finishes

When ordered separately, the Lower and Upper Dual Tops may have contrasting finishes.

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The Bivi Collection

Designed with teams in mind, Bivi brings insight-led simplicity to modular, reconfigurable benching systems. Bivi offers a range of postures in one system, giving users choice and control and encouraging authenticity in the office. With a collection of corresponding accessories and a range of options for personalization, Bivi’s mix-and-match capabilities and modern style make it the perfect solution for innovative, collaborative teams in businesses large and small.

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