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Simple Stool

Stools invite leaning in, sharing coffee and ideas, landing for a while then moving on. That’s why they are essential in today’s dynamic workplaces. The Simple Stool does everything you want in a stool plus one more thing that most stools can’t do: it stacks. Create a cafe environment in minutes. Then store it to repurpose the room.

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Simple Stool

Simple Stool with Seat Cushion

Simple Chair with Back Cushion

Simple Chair with Relaxed Slipcover
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Stacks 4 high with or without cushions or slipcovers
  • Easily changeable and replaceable cushions or slipcovers allow for unique expression, aesthetic, materiality and comfort
  • Frame is made of polypropylene and steel
  • Overall Depth: 19 23
  • Overall Width: 19 23
  • Height: 38 47
  • Seat Height: 28 ½”
  • Milk Textured (7041)
  • Shale Grey (7042)
  • Black (7207)
  • Moss (7043)
Optional Cushion
  • Steelcase standard and select fabrics
  • Excludes leather and vinyl
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Turnstone Specification Guide
Turnstone Specification GuideSpecification Guide
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